Research residency
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Research residency

Inspired by the quote of H.Bergson: “Since our body is not a mathematical point but always a duration”, Kinga’s searches for continuity of her own body and for ways to approach it as a duration. By focusing on its physical weight she explores different ways of grounding. Through this research Kinga wonders if by allowing gravity to (re)enter her body, she could resist the speed of the progressive time and allow the ‘non-event’ time to come up to the surface. 

The main question behind Jaczewska’s current research is a question posed by a philosopher Byung Chul – Han: “What will the pace of the future be? (…) Will the human being, after a short period of whizzing, return to the earth as walker?“  

Kinga Jaczewska

Kinga Jaczewska is a Polish performer and maker. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and P.A.R.T.S., where she graduated in 2012. She has worked with artists such as Karl Van Welden and Andros Zins-Browne, and is currently developing her own work. Kinga is interested in bringing focus to what happens in-between what we see as focal points or defined events: to the process itself.


Concept and performance: Kinga Jaczewska