Research residency
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Research residency

! Suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19 !

Ever since she was a child Annelies Van Hullebusch has produced all kinds of booklets. Booklets with clippings and paste, full of old and new memories.

Creative traces of these booklets are her first performances in which Annelies takes the audience into her world in an intimate way – each under her own reading lamp. The 30 spectators experience a tangible experience, consisting of different media (audio, images, …). For the next steps in her artistic practice, Annelies translates this more individual experience into the context of the small theatre space. How can you preserve this intimate, personal experience in a theatre? How do you create your own world while others surround you?

During her research residency at wpZimmer, Annelies is preparing the first tests towards this creation.