Raw Tender (working title)


Raw Tender (working title)

During the residency at Wp Zimmer, Kinga worked both on a technical and visual research for her BRUT project which is to have its premiere in March 2024 as well as she began to develop a new work ‘Raw Tender’ which was commissioned by Marres, house for contemporary culture in Maastricht.

For ‘raw tender’ Jaczewska invited Agnese Forlani, Italian dancer and textile maker, to develop the work together. raw tender‘ (working title) looks at the motherly and the domestic. Working in a direct response to a poem which Jaczewska has written this autumn called ‘mothers’. (https://www.kinga-jaczewska.com/mothers) Jaczewska and Forlani worked on developing a dialogue between that which is functional and emotional, between movement and textile as well as their own experiences of being a mother and a child.  

Kinga Jaczewska

Kinga Jaczewska is a Polish performer and maker. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and P.A.R.T.S., where she graduated in 2012. She has worked with artists such as Karl Van Welden and Andros Zins-Browne, and is currently developing her own work. Kinga is interested in bringing focus to what happens in-between what we see as focal points or defined events: to the process itself.