Raamvertelling is a project by photographer Liesbeth Grupping and theatre director Ine van Baelen. It arose out of a voyeuristic fascination for unintentional overheard conversations between strangers, such as a dialogue between neighbours or strangers passing by. Fragments of volatile dialogues you overhear when you pass by strangers in a city. Those pieces of stories which linger in your head and create fantasies… In Raamvertelling, Liesbet and Ine take advantage of this voyeuristic element and challenge the boarder lines between fiction and fantasy, private and public. Their inspiration is partially based on dadaists poetry

Ine Van Baelen

Ine Van Baelen studied theatre studies, audiovisual arts and writing at RITC in Brussels. She is a maker and writer since 2007, in association with Zie!Duif and Post uit Hessdalen.

Liesbet Grupping

Liesbet Grupping studied photography at Narafi and Sint-Lucas in Brussels. She obtained a master in Research in art and Design at Sint Lucas Antwerp. Since 2009 her work has been presented in several expositions. Her photos contain a lot of hidden actions, showing a love for performance art.