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PURE is an immersive performance-installation, which investigates how imagination and narratives influence our perception of reality. As an audience member, you are guided on a parcours of visual compositions, which are activated by your physical presence. With your personal background and history coming into play, you are invited to explore the various ways by which we design our reality, ranging from how we choose to construct an image to our more unconscious hopes and desires.

PURE is the second part of a trilogy inspired by Spinoza’s concept of eternity, and is closely linked to birth and death: How do images of ourselves get called into life? How can we become conscious of them in order to actively engage with or lay them to rest? PURE is a collective ritual that gauges to the essence of our human condition through an experience of heightened intimacy.

Public try-outs:
1/04/2017 – 18:00 > 20:00
2/04/2017 – 14:00 > 18:00