Poetry Exercises
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Poetry Exercises

How is it possible to relate to each other and to the world surrounding us by means of our language and by listening?

The poetry exercises focus on the forms of oral language for which there is no time in our everyday working life. Three performers face the difficult task of formulating their thoughts and experiences on stage, thereby revealing their vulnerability. By means of language, they examine their environment on the basis of its capacity to be perceived. In collaboration with a sound designer, they pursue the facets of language that go beyond the efficient transmission of information by developing playful language exercises and games.

They focus on language’s repetitions, melodies, rhythms, and the grain of the voice…

Marialena Marouda

1982 GR, BE
Marialena Marouda works in the fields of performance art and choreography. Marialena studied philosophy and visual arts at Columbia University in New York, USA and continued her studies at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies at the University of Giessen, Germany. In May 2018 she completed the program for artistic research Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (a.pass) in Brussels, Belgium.

Marialena develops in situ, research based performance works. Her current project Oceanographies was presented in the framework of the Wandering Arts Biennial 2018 in Brussels, Belgium, among others. Former works include Poetry Exercises: an Archive of (un)familiar Things (2016), a performative archive presented within the Frankfurt City Archive during the site specific festival Implantieren2016, Walking in the City: on the Poetics of Space, presented at the 2013 Athens Biennial and Walking Exercises (2011-13), which premiered in the Mousonturm in Frankfurt. She has collaborated with the choreographic collectives MAMAZA and Deufert& Plischke and with the choreographer Martin Nachbar.

As a dramaturg, Marialena is currently collaborating with Fabrice Mazliah on The Manufactured Series, a series of ten duets, each between a human and a non-human body. She has previously collaborated with the Forsythe Company, Andros Zins-Browne and the Belgian workspaces wpZimmer in Antwerp and Workspace Brussels. Her texts and reviews have appeared, among others, in the performance journals MASKA and Etcetera.


Idea & concept: Marialena MaroudaChoreography & performance: Caroline Creutzburg, Marialena Marouda, Malte ScholzSound design: Steffen MartinDramaturgy: Leonie OttoProduction management assistance: Eleanna KerasidouVoice coaching: Ursula Mühlberger, Johanna PeineCoproduction: Workpace BrusselsSupported by : the Artist-in-Residence-Program of Tanzlabor 21/ Tanzbasis Frankfurt_Rhein_Main, wp Zimmer Antwerpen, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt Lab, Uferstudios Berlin, and the cities Frankfurt am Main and GiessenThanks to: Fabrice Mazliah, Eleni Mouzourou, Michael Reiche, Harry Schulz, Joey Weisenberg