Opening dance/Soulless (working title)
© Nils Dardel


Opening dance/Soulless (working title)

My previous works focused on relations between movement and speech, how these two channels of expression (physical and verbal) move on a spectrum of sense and nonsense. In this new project, inspired by mime techniques and slapstick, I work with a mute, awkward body that asks to be seen in order to be heard. Physical gestures are used as an elaborated speech, which constantly changes the outlines of the body and its expression. Together with the musician Hendrik Willekens, this piece investigates the connections between contemporary dance and mime. It focuses on the figure of the performer and on her desperate, tragicomic attempt to entertain and communicate with the audience using her few means – hands, legs, head and eyes. 

Hagar Tenenbaum

1988 BE, IL
Hagar Tenenbaum is a dancer and choreographer. She lives and works in Brussels and graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2014. In her first student productions she established an infectious dialogue between words, images and movement. She has a fine sense of simplicity and humour and invariably engenders an exceptional idiom. She sees drawing, speaking and dancing as being intimately linked: they are ways of inquiring into things.


From and by: Hagar TenenbaumSound: Hendrik WillekensDramaturgy: Alma SöderbergCostume: Eran ShannyProduction: PianofabriekCo-production: BUDAResidencies: workspacebrussels, STUK, Kelim Choreography Center, wpZimmer