During her residency period at wpZimmer, and in preparation for a new series of works, Noha Ramadan will work around the notion of ‘Haptic Technology’, an umbrella term for a variety of practices based on touch, which explore relations between virtuality, spatiality, and visuality. In particular, she is looking at theories of proprioception – the sense of our body’s movement and position in the world – and searching for ways to augment this general sense through movement and live video practices.

Taking the cinematic and spatial-visual aspects of her more recent works Paratactical (2017) and Los Angeles (2015) as a reference point, she will map out visual concepts and develop compositional scores with the aim of exploring proprioception, open form composition and touch based practices with dancers and filmmakers in the coming period.

This residency forms part of a research trajectory supported by the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst and Jacuzzi art space, Amsterdam.

Noha Ramadan

Noha Ramadan (they/her) is a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Amsterdam. In their work, they like to emphasize the transformability of the performative moment and the capacity for simultaneous identification and disidentification with assumed images and logics.