New Measuring Rites

New Measuring Rites is the story of a weird anthropological excursion into an environment called the Current Situation, a fluid space with indeterminate borders. In this unknown world, forces are felt, colors keep on changing, obstacles appear and disappear.

The natives who inhabit these shifting lands dont know how to use their sensory apparatus in order to find pathways in this strangely familiar, yet different place. The meter does not exist, nor the kilo, nor does any clock to turn time into seconds. They cant tell the parts from the whole. As they venture into the ambivalent Current Situation and deal with what is at hand, they slowly create their own vernacular: they discover new forms, develop coping strategies and invent ways to (re-)evaluate and compare the stuff they harvest.

  • © Luc Depreitere
  • © Luc Depreitere
  • © Luc Depreitere
  • © Luc Depreitere

Manon Santkin

Within the field of the performing arts, Manon Santkin operates as a dancer, choreographer, artistic advisor, process assistant and writer. She graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2004 and recently finished a Master in News Performative Practices at Doch, part of the University of the Arts in Stockholm.

She has been collaborating with choreographers Mette Ingvartsen, Salva Sanchis, Xavier Leroy, Sidney Leoni, Eleanor Bauer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Daniel Linehan, Leslie Mannès and Fabrice Samyn.

She also develops projects with sound artist Peter Lenaerts and with designer Nicolas Couturier. Manon regularly takes part in the processes of other artists as a mentor, advisor or dramaturge and sees her role as an interpreter morphing into that of a facilitator of collaborative processes. In her current works Manon revisits the notion of 'interpretation' in terms of an ecology of practices and intelligences, self-organization and interactive agencies.


Concept: Manon SantkinPerformance: Manon Santkin, Maeva Cunci, Pavle HeidlerLight design: Henri-Emmanuel DoublierMusic, sound design: Lieven DousselaereDramaturgy: Moritz FrischkornProduction: HirosCo-production: BUDA, kunstenwerkplaats PianofabriekWith the support of: the Flemish Community, wpZimmer, STUK and workspacebrusselsThanks to: Maxime Peaumier