Natural Drama
Sorour Darabi


Natural Drama

Since Sorour’s first piece, Farci.e(2016), their work has been developing the question of vulnerability. More precisely, their interest has been in considering the body as a vulnerable space where they can experiment with new expressions of power.

In Savušun (2018), they deconstructed norms relative to either masculine power (heroism) or feminine power (fertility). Their intention was to reformulate certain binary concepts that shape our societies: man/woman; clean/dirty; vulgar/beautiful; ugliness/grace; pleasure/suffering. Natural Drama, will speak of the body as a gendered territory, virgin and sexualized, using the metaphor of water. 

For this solo, water becomes a metaphorical, conceptual and aesthetic point of view. Water also embodies multiple identities: the body, the environment, ecology and more particularly an ecofeminist thought.