My Imaginary Friend (working title)


My Imaginary Friend (working title)

Currently, Keerthi is delving into the question of what fosters connection amidst diverse disparities. How do we cultivate a critical and imaginative stance toward the crisis of isolation? Especially when faced with differences in gestures, preconceptions, and postures. She’s haunted by the question, “Who are my neighbors?”

Here, “neighbors” carries a speculative tone, prompting exploration and the search for potential encounters. She aims to delve into the dynamics of connection while navigating the myriad sensitivities surrounding us. Throughout this residency, Keerthi will experiment with various performative setups, engaging and intervening to uncover the intricacies of relating. This involves exploring strategies with emerging materials, understanding the nuances of social gestures, and embracing passing voices.

Keerthi Basavarajaiah

Keerthi Basavarajaiah is a multi-disciplinary performance maker of Indian origin, currently based in Amsterdam for over 7 years.As a maker, her sensibilities, questions & felt urgencies emerge from the need for relating & relations between presumptuous modes of othering of information and bodies.