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“I looked these sons of bitches in the eyes, in front of the sawed off shotgun, in front of the sawed off shotgun they started to stutter (stutter, stutter, stutter) I’ll pistol whip you and I’m being nice for not throwing you with the forgotten ones (with the forgotten ones, forgotten ones) Between you and me which one of us loves each other the most ? Which one of us suffers the most, the most, the most ? My heart is wrecked (the most x7) I was raised by the bandit’s code of honor in Corbeil Essones, hmm, you can go verify (you can go verify, verify, verify) PNL.”

Mowgli II

If the jungle is a book, what will ours tell? The jungle is an infinite territory, in which the possible has another meaning, or perhaps none. Through which side of the jungle did they arrive to taste this dream? Each appearance is a wild experience. It is a playground for the self: dangerous, disturbing, embarrassing and exciting at the same time. Becoming wild is a political project in resonance with the social construction.

The collaboration between Sorour and Tarek draws freely on storytelling, movement and voice, through Mowgli and the lyrics of Iranian singer Googoosh and French-rap-duo PNL. In conceiving a form of PNLology, and by merging body, breath and spirit, the duo Darabi-Lakhrissi crosses the themes of the chosen family, melancholy and urban legends to tell themselves (in part) and the others (principally), a collection of lived and fantasized stories.