This kaleidoscopic narrative evokes the everyday life of a community in an unspecified time and place. Everything is magically connected: the sun, plants and animals, people and man-made things. In Moddertong, a narrator sits with the audience in a circle. Gradually, a tragicomedy unfolds in which countless creatures support and thwart each other. Influenced by continuous research and ever-changing circumstances, Sébastien Hendrickx keeps on making new versions of the same performance.

Sébastien Hendrickx

Sébastien Hendrickx (BE) is a dramaturge and performance artist. His debut performance The Good Life (2021) was an immersive trip imagining the good life in times of profound ecological mutations. Following the narrative piece Moddertong (2022-2024), he currently works on Palace of Justice (2025-2026), a performative portrait of the Palace of Justice in Brussels.


Text, performance and scenography by: Sébastien HendrickxCoach: Willem de WolfProduction supported by: De Kunstenwerkplaats & myotherwork.wordpress.comResearch supported by : KASK/School of ArtsResidencies: De Monty, De Grote Post, Workspacebrussels, C-Takt, WP-Zimmer, De Kunstenwerkplaats, KAAPCoproduction by: C-Takt, ViernulvierThanks to: Katrien Stragier, Jan Ritsema