Melting Pot
© Karolina Maruszak


Melting Pot


Melting Pot is an over evolving dance practice which works as a meeting place for dance challenge and exchange. Dancers form different styles and cultural backgrounds can enter in dialogue and liberate different sort of feelings and emotions, such as joy, anger, sensuality and social frustration.

Between performance and a recreative space, Melting Pot combines different performance procedures: the frontal contemplation of the dance show with the Cypher, the Happening with the Participatory dance and the pedagogical research. The cast of the participants consists in a mix group of professional, non-professional, academic and autodidactic dancers, from Contemporary to Hip-Hop Freestyle and Voguing. The work is accompanied by a DJ set which has the function to facilitate the exchange, potentially creating sensation of familiarity, connecting different cultures and music styles.

The presentation on Day of the Dance, Saturday 25 April at 7 PM, is a collaboration between wpZimmer, KunstZ and 1st Bachelor Dance of the Conservatory Antwerp. The performance will be followed by an open door jam session. Get your most comfortable and glamorous clothes to join the dance! 

Trailer Melting Pot – Marco Torrice

PROGRAM @ wpZimmer during Day of the Dance (CANCELLED)

19:00 – 20:00 Doors & bar open >> 20:00 – 21:00 Performance Jam >> 21:00 – 00:00 PARTYYYY with DJ Pedrolito Radioglobal


€5 – please reserve your tickets in advance via THIS LINK.