Luna Park – Our Dreams and Fears under the artificial moonlight


Luna Park – Our Dreams and Fears under the artificial moonlight

During her residency at wpZimmer, Adrijana Gvozdenovic will fantasize about the place and a specific environment where the different artistic concerns can be met, reflecting on the proposals for co-learning and sharing artistic processes that she has developed in the past years: card-reading about artistic anxieties, workshop on horror and nail art reading sessions.

Paying specific attention to the affective and emotional dimensions of knowledge production and the horror aspect in our troubled relationships with the world, through art-making and collective exchange, these proposals aim to create a space of suspension if not transformation.
The preliminary vision of this place turned out to be a Luna Park of sorts – a thrilling co-learning environment for artists, researchers and anyone working or thinking within art.

Adrijana Gvozdenovic invited Sara Manente and Sina Seifee as collaborators during her stay.

Adrijana Gvozdenović

Adrijana is interested in artists’ motivation and ways of resisting (self)institutionalized structures. Taking context as a partner, she is responding to established structures in the field of visual arts – pushing the borders between making, mediation and production. She is developing works that are also tools for conversation, practices for collective learning, and ways of documenting what would otherwise remain unnoticed or discarded in production.

Sara Manente

Sara Manente (1978, Venice) studied dance and semiotics before moving to Brussels, where she works as an artist and researcher. Performance, film, text, event, sculpture or telepathic collaboration - her work presumes that all relationships are founded upon noise, as chaotic multiplicity, a parasite or background. Often materializing in a state of paradox, her dances appear to unfold between joy and vertigo.

Sina Seifee

1982 BE,IR
سینا سیفی / Sina Seifee is a visual artist researcher based in Brussels who was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982. Sina's work is structured around a research-intensive and transversal exploration of performative storytelling and image-making, Seifee’s artistic practice looks at how aesthetic knowledges get shaped. His work has been recognized for its commitment to social dimensions of imagination in the intersection of techno-media and globalism, with emphasis on the heritage of zoology in West Asia.


The workshops were initially developed for the programs of: a.pass (2021 & 2023)Co-financed by : the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.