Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in


Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in

In her solo Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in, Laura Vroom works with anecdotes and memories to investigates how we deal with our past. She focuses on seemingly unimportant moments that form a story or identity. How do we deal with time and finitude? What are memories precisely? In a poetic, philosophical and absurd language, Vroom wants to take us on a trip down memory lane.

Laura Vroom

1987 NL, BE
Laura Vroom graduated at the Drama Department of the KASK in Ghent in 2012. She collaborated with Ballet Dommage and Kuiperskaai. In 2015, she created her first monologue Sauerkraut, which was born out of a collection of frustrations and irritations. It was presented at Over Het IJ (Zeecontainer programme) and Chambres d’O, and in differend private homes in the Netherlands and Belgium ( Vroom also works with Linde Carrijn in the collective Festoen. Their first production It’s A Local Joke premiered at De NWE Vorst in Tilburg in 2017.


Concept and execution: Laura VroomCoach: Ineke Nijssen, Tine Van AerschotDramaturgy: Katrien ValckenaersLight and sound: Ole CeenaemeWith the support of: De Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, De Grote Post, wpZimmer, De Vieze Gasten en Zuidpool