JARDIN POILU is an interactive dance piece inspired by the landscape of the Arctic tundra.

The audience is invited to follow the instructions given by the sound of a singing bowl. Throughout the piece, one sound of the bowl means “eyes closed” and two sounds mean “eyes opened”.

In this way, the attention and perception of the audience is guided by the choreography itself, interacting with each one of the viewers’ possible choice to see or not to see.

The performative space provides a wonderful and malleable platform for the choreographer to build a new reality. A reality which slips away from the ordinary and somehow becomes tangible and reliable for the audience in that moment. Poetry is what defines the rules of this new realm: memories as fragments of life and natural phenomena slide into an absurd and very clear atmosphere, interweaving in an authentic and unique way. The extremely cold and desolate white space surrounds and invites the audience into an individual and yet common experience of the memories of an absurd family, which are photographically displayed and dynamically shaken. The atmosphere, the air and the environment perceived are defined by a detailed melange made of natural elements and human interaction and enriched by texture and depth.

The warmth, closeness and primordial aspect of the family as opposites to the ice cold prickly and widely open distances establish a contrast of emotions in the space, guiding and literally moving the viewer’s eye. JARDIN POILU is an Arctic garden in which the flowers are furry and spiky childhood memories expressively retraced by the performers.

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