Iets anders (Something Else)


Iets anders (Something Else)

“As a boy- in a time that was still yours- it once happened that my ball rolled onto the grass in the park. Because walking on the grass was forbidden, I waited for a good five minutes until a certain moment when there was no one else to be seen: only then did I dare to step over the low fence, with my heart pounding, to take the few steps across the grass and to jump back again as soon as I could. That inhibition, that pounding heart, that’s what it’s about. Did I feel unfree? Not at all. It was simply forbidden to walk on the grass. (…) Once the king is ruler by the grace of God, then technology will personify divine omnipotence. By that time no telephone booth will be vandalized and no one will walk on the grass anymore – not even if a ball is there.

Harry Mulish in Discovery of Heaven

How to provoke a heartbeat? Something is looking for answers.

Leentje Vandenbussche

1984 BE
Leentje Vandenbussche is exploring, since 2005, the cycle of Nothing, Everything, Death and Something. Within her extensive research she explores these subjects to their full extend, reduces them into grafical interpretations which she afterwords combines with performances. In 2017 she ends her artistic traject with the première of Something Else.


Concept and performance: Leentje VandenbusscheArtistic assistants: Godart Bakkers, Lucas Vandervost, Tine Van AerschotScenography: Jelle SpruytProduction: HirosCo-production: Kunstencentrum BUDAIn collaboration with: cc Kortrijk, wpZimmer, Campo and DeStudio