© Irmak Altıner



Ice is a hybrid form between dance, theatre, architecture and visual arts designed for everyone to find their own narrative and navigate through time, space and themselves. This two- headed solo is a hymn to our human condition by placing the performer alone in front of a vast and complex world.

The contemplation of inanimate objects moving or being moved in space has been a big inspiration throughout my artistic practice. Time gives a human character to any object in motion. We, as the viewer, start to project intentions and desires to the inanimate through the way they are being moved. On Ice, Bahar chooses to work with ropes and fabrics as they are performing very well by themselves and in relation. They can create ephemeral architectures by simple knots and/or placement. They are also easily transportable and with a simple structure, we can create enormous sculptures in any given space.

Ice is the solid form of water. It stops cellular decomposition in living organisms. Thus it stops time and freezes everything in an eternal youth. Ice is a solo for two that melt and collapse into each other. They exhaust themselves in perpetual motion while telling tales where ancient and present coexist under the preservation of the cold. Ice also reminds us of warnings about the future of the planet as it is warming day after day. With this piece, characters from different temporalities incorporate the depth of common existential concerns and hopes in inefficient actions and futile effort. Ice is the result of the desire to survive, to celebrate the passage of time and to imagine together a utopian future.