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I Love the empowering effect of joining forces through movement and play. Sharing energy, space, rhythm and time. The joy of finding connection in the moment without words.

Judith Clijsters, 2018

Artist duo Judith Clijsters and Patrick Housen argue in their work for a physical sensitivity that is pure and simple. Currently they are working on I Still Remain, a performance that zooms in on the energetic possibilities in meeting and letting go, attracting and rejecting each other, the value of being together instead of being alone. A homage to the connection that directly appeals to the heart by means of dance and music.

From a cultural-historical point of view, dancers and musicians look for the power of the constructive collective. In the same way, I still Remain would like to establish this. Dance and music generates movement and energy, and create a shared felling of charge.

Judith Clijsters

After studying at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and touring with Phoenix Dance Theatre in the UK, Judith moved back to Belgium (Antwerp) where she completed a course in production of performing arts at DeSingel. This increased her potential as a producer to continue and share her passion for moving bodies. By performing, creating, teaching and coaching Judith stays inspired to keep growing through movement.

Judith is artist in residence at C-TAKT (B) and Makershuis Tilburg (NL). She created Dagbreek (2012), Beautiful Self (2013), Same Self Defined (2015), Bored To Death (2017- still touring in 2019) and Lichtzucht (2018). She is now in creation for a new piece which will premiere in 2020.

Alongside her independent work, she loves to choreograph commissioned work with semi-professionals, youth groups or amateurs (works like Moondays 2015, Holding Space 2016, You Are My Surface 2017, Rhythm Got Girls 2018). Also in this context she is artistic coordinator for Passerelle, platform for dance, since 2018.


Dance/choreography: Judith ClijstersSound art: Patrick HousenPercussion: Wim PelgrimsDancers: TBCSupported by: Makershuis Tilburg, C-TAKT, Via Zuid, Intro in Situ