How Things End is a project about growing older, growing out or into something. It’s a piece about learning something together about life and death, and also about forgetting who is teaching who. It’s a piece about entropy, about how order can grow into chaos and chaos into beauty. About giraffes and interstellar potatoes, about how things grow, mutate and go into new places.

At the core of this intention is the creative relationship of a young girl with two adult men. Jãnis and Nahuel are interested in researching potential effects on actions in life and art after following a mind that is much more inhabiting a space of potentiality than they are. Teodezija is interested in finding a clear goal for the performance. For us, making things is a slow and delicate process.

The project is at an early stage of development with a planned premiere in autumn 2025, and a work in progress presentation in autumn 2024.

Nahuel Cano

1982 AR, NL
Nahuel Cano was born in Neuquén, Wallmapu, known today as Argentina’s Patagonia. He lives and works between Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. He is an actor, theatre-maker, and an autodidact sound experimenter. His field of artistic action is mobile, exploring the possibilities of performance, installation, sound, and theatre.

Teodezija Balode and Janis Balodis