How not to be understood? Infinite.


How not to be understood? Infinite.

After ‘Eskimo‘ (2010) a choreographic piece I’ve made with and for six performers, I’ve felt artistically the need to work only in collaboration with other artists.

How not to be understood?‘ is in someway both a backward and forward movement in my artistic parcours, in the sense that I’m not co-creating with another artist after a long period of time doing so and it will be the first solo piece I’ve ever made.

With this research I’ve approached Art as a Spirit. A Spirit that surrounds the artist and that is continuously active during the process, making appearances in unpredictable ways – as if coming from an apparent space of nothingness. The formless looking for a form, the infinite looking for the finite (shape) and again to the infinite through the viewer.

Not yet a solo piece or a solo piece yet to come, ‘How not to be understood?‘ is a love relation with Art. Love as a passage into the other, a process of alterity, of deterritorialisation, an out of body experience into the multiplicity of the other, a creative force. Art as Love.

In this research project for a pieces-dance titled ‘How not to be understood? Infinite‘, Marcos Simoes will approach Art as an infinite movement of Things. He will put a collection of different ‘pieces’ (Things) into relation through movement. This collection of ‘pieces’ are made of dances, images, text, objects and film. Art as a Thing that moves around, beyond, behind, on top, or under, that changes constantly, that is here and there and everywhere. Art as a dance of pieces. Art as Love.