Hello Schatje, Adiós Amour
Victoriano Moreno


Hello Schatje, Adiós Amour

Hello Darling, Adiós Amour aims to approach the origin of love from a rational and historical point of view.
Augusto Pedraza starts from the hypothesis: To feel complete, we must love and be loved. Through personal testimonies about love and his own love history, he creates a dialogue between scientific and emotional approaches.

Augusto Pedraza has a guiding question: why has love and romantic love been such an important topic in the history of human civilization? Love is one of the most universal themes, one that has always been central to our lives. A feeling that has millions of stories, millions of songs, millions of books and millions of illustrations...

Through testimonies and my his own love story, Augusto built his speech and work but also uses history as a tool to delve into the origin of the romantic idea of love. Through the work a historical tour is made of the subject to obtain a scientific answer to the need we have for love.

Augusto Pedraza

Augusto Pedraza is a theater and filmmaker, performer and historian living in Mechelen. In 2020, he graduated from RITCS as a director. His first short film Violence premiered in 2021 and was selected for several festivals. Through dance, theater, film, visual art and music, he speaks about themes of origin, identity, love, pessimism, violence and hope.