Guardian of nature


Guardian of nature

“I’m searching for experiences beyond human comprehension, features of unknown, unfamiliar, both in natural and artificial landscapes. I’m not searching for realism. I’m hunting magic.”

Maria Lucia

The documentation process started in june 2017 during summer solstice day, and since then it has been documented as diary. This is a story about a durational transformative process of a human being trying to dialogue with other then humans in order to become a legal representative in court. It is an immersive story to imagine a universe of archaic rites, interbeing and kinship. The personification of nature is an archive of multispecies embodiment, processed by dialoguing exercises as a attempt of decolonization of the self, dehumanization, (re)animation and (re)conciliation with nature.

Through the use of performative rituals and animistic dialogues we must go beyond the “imagined disaffection”, we need to understand the sublimity of nature and search for the quality of greatness beyond human eye. As in the same way Michel Serres, proposes a contract with nature, when he asks ”what language do things of the world speak, that might come to an understanding with them, contractually?