(c) Koen Broos



A group of researchers is eager to carry out what seems to be a groundbreaking experiment. They are determined to find the holy grail of science: immortality. But at a certain point in the progress, the attempt to crack the code of life is taking over there own lives. They start to see monsters in objects, in the other, in themselves…

In Golem, Thomas Ryckewaert thematises Maimonides and homunculus, two characters from a 14th century Jewish legend. In this legend, the scholar Maimonides is in search of the secret of all creation in order to defeat death. Golem is a moving performance dealing with juxtapositions such as creation and destruction, reason and fear. A stilled, filmic imagery commingles contemporary scientists with ancient human ambition. The longing to create an eternal life is associated with a fear of something that overrules us. It is a theme that inspires people since the beginning of mankind: from the mythic Golem about Frankenstein to artificial intelligence.

Thomas Ryckewaert

Thomas studied biology and philosophy at the KULeuven and dramatic arts at the theatre academy Dora van der Groen. Thomas’ work balances on the borders between theatre, dance and installation. In his recent productions he explores the dramatic potential of everyday actions. His work has been described as poetical, radical, visual and ritual. As a freelance actor he frequently works for theatre, film and television.


Script and direction: Thomas RyckewaertCast: Efrat Galai, Rosie Sommers, Jef Stevens, Kurt VandendriesscheScenography: Erki De VriesLighting design: Giacomo GoriniSound design: Senjan JansenCostume: Andrea KränzlinDirector assistant: Sibran SampersScenography assistant: Maia AnastasiouProduction: Wolff vzw/HirosCo-production: deSingel, Kaaitheater, Vooruit, TAKT Dommelhof, Platform 0090In association with: BUDA, wpZimmerWith support of: the city of Antwerp