‘Rien de plus étranger que notre corps, ses plaisirs et ses souffrances. Dans quel langage traduit-il ce que nous sentons de lui. Ou dans lequel traduisons-nous ce qu’il est?’

Paul Valéry

Gallop (Biography of a Body) tells the bizarre story of the life cycle of a body. It is a chronically ill body that has reached a turning point after forty years, and often seems to have a life of its own. Its service fails and resistance loses.

Dolores Bouckaert researches the complex and ambiguous relationship between her body and spirit, in which an irrepressible desire to move often conflicts with reality. Dolores Bouckaert’s co-star in this solo is – via film and audio – a fast and powerful horse. The two are one another’s opposites until they become interchangeable, when the horse’s gallop coincides with the rhythm of her heartbeat.

8 & 9/03/2018 – KAAP | De Werf (Bruges)

Dolores Bouckaert

Dolores Bouckaert is director, author, visual artist, actress and performer. In 2000 she graduated as visual artist and actor, and was invited as an actor by Victoria (CAMPO).
 A constant in her work is her pursuit of an attempt to intimacy. Being together, but also revolting against it. How our body gives shape to all of those feelings. She registers, shows images as if they temporarily have been charged. Her own body appears to be her main instrument and her research project. Bouckaert's projects have repeatedly been presented in Belgium and abroad.
 From 2016 to 2020 Dolores Bouckaert is artist in residence at KAAP.


Concept: Dolores BouckaertPerformance: Dolores Bouckaert, Rodrigo FuentealbaArtistic advice: Marc VanrunxtMusical composition: Rodrigo FuentealbaSound: Kwinten van LaethemCamera: Grimm VandekerkhoveMontage: Tom DenoyetteCostumes: Sofie DurnezSet design: Guy ChâtelSet realization: KompaanPhotography: Kris DewitteProduction: HirosCo-production: KAAP, Kunst/WerkIn collaboration with: CAMPO, wpZimmer, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, VooruitSupported by: the Flemish GovernmentThanks to: Tanguy Eeckhout, the Animal Clinic of the Ghent University, Laurence Lefère