From the Finger to the Bone
P. Hoegen, P. Bouhana


From the Finger to the Bone

Both Paloma Bouhana and Philippine Hoegen have spent the past years researching, through their artistic practices, issues related to work. What is work, what is not work, how to work without exhausting yourself and/or your environment? Who are we when we work, and who if we are not able to work? How do bodies perform work, how are they supported at work? What is work performance and what is performance work?  

During their collaborative residency at wpZimmer, Bouhana and Hoegen will cross-contaminate, question and (re-)shape each other’s research projects. While the field research of both projects takes place in different localities, it is their common interest in the body at work, the performativity in and of work and the objects and apparatuses they collaborate within work, that connect their researches. 

During their time at WpZimmer, Bouhana and Hoegen aim to encounter each other in the performative and spatial aspects of their researches, working towards a public performative presentation at the end of the residency, on Friday 25th of November.

Paloma Bouhana

Paloma Bouhana is a designer and researcher based in Bruxelles (BE). After obtaining a master in political economics in 2016 she graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2022. Adopting a research-based working approach in most of her projects she uses methodologies she acquired during her academic studies as a critical part of her artistic practice.

Philippine Hoegen

Philippine Hoegen is a visual artist living in Brussels. Her current research at the HKU Professorship Performative Creative Processes, is titled Performing Working, and harnesses the ambiguities of the terms ‘work’ and ‘performance’ in a fertile crossover of the two.