This summer choreographer Claire Croizé will be working at wpZimmer on her newest creation EVOL. The title embodies two notions: you can read “Love” backwards and it is a contraction of the word “Evolution”. These two notions will be at the heart of this new creation. Croizé wants to develop, along with a strong musicality of the movements, a personal language for each dancer based on an inner introspection. An intimate narration should appear from this quest, going from a personal speech to a shared dialogue between the dancers and with the audience.

Each of Croizé’s creations pay much attention to the movements of the dancers. Since Primitive (2014) she focuses even more on the readability of the movements, thus becoming better at expressing her feelings and sensitivities. But she always pays attention to the viewers, who can continue to give their own interpretations to the movements, and can continue to use their own imagination. Over the years, Croizé’s attention to the sensitivity of the movement vocabulary of her dancers only increased. Her dance language is nourished by this loving gaze on the body and its movements. EVOL want to share that love with the public.