Dragon4: Grimorio
© Esbert & Strate


Dragon4: Grimorio

Dragon4: Grimorio is the name of a research project that looks at categories and identity politics through the logics and aesthetics of Fantasy Role Playing Games. Taking as a starting point the highly formalized systems of rules that give shape to the shared fictions of these games, we are interested in exploring how representations of gender, race or class are intermingled with fantasy and speculation.

The potential of these embodied narrations functions as a site for community and collective narratives. Role-playing games constitute rich textual analogue systems of identity exploration and world creation that invite participants to occupy a liminal role located in the boundaries of person, player, and character; a very similar process to that of performance.

Dragon4: Grimorio is the fourth installment of the Dragon Pieces, a series of works aiming to find playful representations of collectivity that question hegemonic ways of belonging and narrating ourselves.

A project by Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld and Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc