Don Quixote
© Philippe Beloul


Don Quixote

Philippe Beloul is currently working on a staging of the well-known story of Cervantes, Don Quixote.

With his small group, Philippe identifies himself with Quixote, who begins an adventure that at first sight exceeds his capacities as an adventurer. Quixote begins at a lost battle. And Cervantes poses questions that are topical in today’s world, the transition, the search for a new history. Is it naive to find a new hero? Or new heroine?

The form of the performance is like a carousel of lecture-performances and tableaux vivants. It is a burlesque seance that tries to awaken the spirits of the book.

Everyone knows Don Quixote, without even having read the book. It stirs the possible memories of the spectator. The choice of passages that Philippe will read or play can cause confusion. Different actors play the characters of the book at different times. Some props will clearly originate from the time of Cervantes and Don Quixote, others make a contemporary connotation.

The viewer will always ask himself whether his neighbour knows more. Little by little, his curiosity will be aroused.