Displacing Belongings


Displacing Belongings

The notion of displacement reflects a reality that moves in-between personas by following various cycles of happenings of time. This reality holds various multi-layered facets in its entity regarding its relationship with interconnected representations of time; time is, indeed, the most significant determiner in the expression of understanding displacement. It is what constantly jumps in-between memories, identities, and destinations while its perceptual surroundings and contextual characteristics intertwine with each other. Regarding this journey, it is important to consider time-space-body as an organic integrator.

While we evolve into multi-layered beings in various formations, we also search the meaning of being grounded, a touch of domesticity, and a sense of adaptation. In this discourse, socio- spatial interaction has a powerful impact on creating interconnected narrations, togetherness, encounters that shape our perception of sensual and experiential identities and events, and how they dissolve into each other when it is possible to find common ground.

‘Displacing Belongings’ is a project that strengthens the boundaries of different disciplines as if it is a progress of re-imagining the connection between beings, things, happenings, and the environment we live in together; and it unfolds an interdisciplinary research process that premises an artistic and creative discovery of the passage of time through interactive, spontaneous and temporary encounters with different personas.

When different experiences intersect with each other in many forms, various encounters happen through temporal possessions of everyday movements and scenery. So ‘residency studio’ is an essential interconnected-space where one interacts with the others, and transitions together thoroughly as if it is a living-landscape.