Diptych: Foraging Names-Archives


Diptych: Foraging Names-Archives

The artists listen intently, allowing the words to leak, soak, and rewrite while patching and playing with boundaries. This transformative journey intertwines speculative fiction and poetry, embracing the sour and bitter tongues of Medusa, Katla, and Masako.

excerpts from the exhibition text “Glossary for the Wild Tongues”

Valerie Tee Lee unfolded glossaries in a recent duo-exhibition. She meticulously crafted wax tablets, reminiscent of the Middle Ages’ favored writing medium, exploring natural materials such as rapeseed & coconut wax, leather, lichen, seaweed, stinging nettle, and more. These materials encapsulated and archived her physical entanglement with the non-human world. Upon the wax surface, she etched silenced narratives excerpts from her speculative fiction. This body of work is titled “Foraging Names-Archives.”

During her residency at wpZimmer, she intends to reconstruct this body of work by liquefying and reshaping reflected glossaries. Additionally, she will delve into writing as a performative act, rewriting and recontextualizing words and materials.

Valerie Tee Lee

1995 KR, BE
Valerie Tee Lee is an artist working across performance, text, and communal (care) practices. Inspired by feminist pedagogy, her research-based performance and installation practice explores situated and embodied knowledge production, amplifying subaltern voices and silenced narratives.