Detroit Detour
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Detroit Detour

During two weeks of residency in November 2014, Katharina Smets was writing the script of the radio series Detroit Detour, a radio essay in 4 parts about the inhabitants of the bankrupt city. Detroit is well-kown as the capital of murder, corruption and riots. Not only Detroit but also the state of Michigan is seen as “fly-over country”. It is a place where you don’t have to be, and if you arrive there by coincidence, you better leave as soon as possible. It is a detour nobody takes. Still there are people who stay in Detroit. Who are they and why do they stay? The series will be broadcasted in januari 2015 on NPO Radio 1 in the Netherlands. The project was supported by the Mediafonds.

Katharina Smets

1984 BE
Katharina Smets is an independent radio maker and sound artist with a background in philosophy, philology and theatre science. She has worked for the Belgian radio stations Klara and Radio 1, the Dutch television, BBC World Service and NPR. She teaches audio story telling at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp and organises evenings around storytelling.