Curating space
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Curating space

Three performers conjure up three worlds that touch each other’s boundaries and merge in a fascinating journey: A photographer, a musician and a scenographer manipulate the space surrounding the audience each in their own artistic language.

The spectator is confronted with a myriad of images, changing and changeable spaces, a rearranged reality. He/she moves through a city that gets constructed, that disintegrates and becomes abstract – an inward movement through a mental space, imploding to the here and now on stage.

Erki De Vries

As a visual artist Erki De Vries developed his own style using installations and videos to research spacial relationships and how they effect on the way we experience them. His installations are characterized by the co-existence of a tangible and a mental world. His quintessential concept, movement and integrated light-effects result in a strong performative character.

Erki regularly co-operates with other artists developing performances, theatre pieces and exhibitions. A co-operation with choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle resulted in “Birdwatching” and “One zero”. As a scenographer he worked together with, - among others -, Thomas Ryckewaert, Andros Zinse-Brown and Mesut Arslan. Since 2012 he also cooperates with Peter Huybrechts on the elaboration of “BookProject”, an ongoing project where photography, video-work and the development of a book are alternating and stimulating one another. The development of “BookProject” can be followed on

Pieter Huybrechts

Pieter Huybrechts (B, 1977) lives in Antwerp and works in Brussels as a photographer, designer and visual artist.

Huybrechts’s photographic practice is defined by a serial approach of the image, and by a fascination for texture and patterns. Along with those series, Huybrechts has been working, since 2010 on the City project. The project shows non-Western cities that are evolving towards the Western capitalist system and, as a result, are dramatically losing their own specific identity. The research is about cities and their future, and is also a reflection on the medium of photography.

Since 2012 Huybrechts has also been working on the Book Project, with the artist Erki de Vries. Here the elastic rendering of reality is being investigated through working with the area of tension – presentation, representation and interpretation.


Concept: Erki De Vries, Pieter HuybrechtsPhotography: Pieter HuybrechtsScenography: Erki De VriesMusic: Kris DelacourtDramaturgy: Marnix RummensSoftware development: Vincent Jacobs/Culture CrewProduction: Platform 0090Coproduction: wpZimmer/Het Bos - sustained by the European Culture programme ( the support of: the Flemish Government