Critical Techno
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Critical Techno

Critical Techno is a reflective lecture dance meditation—a continuous dialogue between listening, dancing, words, music, movement, physical sensations, constellations and bodies in space. Together with Thomas Proksch, Helena combine a special selection of texts with visceral sounds+hypnotic beats and open the mic for collective reformulations. For this 2nd edition of Critical Techno ‘So, do you believe in spirits?’, questions will unfold around otherworldly body experiences, paranormal perceptions and the conditions to communicate with spirits and other entities. The dynamics of thoughts, the spirits of texts become our choreographers, moving our bodies and manifesting in a momentary dance-ritual, a temporary community.

Besides working on Critical Techno, Helena Dietrich will also prepare her other show Elastic Habitat for Stormopkomst in Turnhout (March, 2019). Elastic Habitat explores the body as an imaginary, speculative organism and environment and invites the audience to stretch the usual habitat of one’s physical and virtual identity. From detailed descriptions of body-experiences, Helena Dietrich and Janneke Raaphorst created a wardrobe for imaginary bodies. The immersive installation invites the audience to enter into a playground where these body-sculptures can be animated. By wearing these textile bodies, one is challenged to explore another body and elude the distinction between self and other, inside and outside. The invitation to play with and through these textile bodies offers a space of intuitive exploration within oneself and others.

Helena Dietrich

Helena Dietrich’s transdisciplinary work is influenced by feminist, post-colonial theory and the study of rituals, transformative body-experiences and their political and societal implications. Her artistic approach is often process-based and involves the audience as participants at different stages.