The daily series of reports on climate change seems to revive the debate about our supposedly won battle with nature. Research is being carried out into how and when the impact of the unfathomable force and unpredictability of the natural elements will affect our lives. In addition, there is a growing focus on how we, as humans, react to the threat itself that hangs over us as an incomprehensible abstraction.

A pianist plays his composition while a sculpture made of felt descends from above over the scene. The shape of the pianist and the contours of his piano partly determine the look and shape of the felt fabric. The impact can also work in reverse: the object in the shape of a miniature mountain landscape dampens the music and increasingly restricts the pianist’s freedom of movement.

Premiere: 18 October 2019 at Transit Festival in STUK, Leuven.

Frederik Croene

Frederik Croene started his career as a self-taught musician before taking up traditional music education. Fueled by his passion for contemporary music and new performance practices, he’s presented a radical mix of styles and techniques both in concert and recording, that’s been received enthusiastically throughout. Alongside his work as a performing musician, Croene rethinks traditional settings the piano and performer find themselves in through the concept of the deconstructed piano, with extraordinarily surprising results. His most recent solo album Cul-de-Sac has been released in April 2019 on Cortizona.

Karl Van Welden

In 2006 Karl Van Welden initiated United Planets, a cycle of visual and performative work based on terrestrial or human presence in the universe. How does humankind relate to the immensity of the universe? Using the planets in our solar system as anchor points, he searches for artistic answers to this fundamental question, with a predilection for silenced movement and architectural forms.