Conversing with masculinity
conversing with masculinity


Conversing with masculinity

Kevin Fay is engaged in a long-term research project on the subjects of masculinity, feminism, language, and the body. 

As part of this, he offers performative reading circles called ‘conversing with masculinity’. In these, he facilitates collective reading, writing, listening, and moving to open and explore the interstices between words that refer to gender identity and expression. Concretely, by using language in the excerpts of texts written by masculinity researchers and feminists to generate poetry, songs, drawings, maps, or movements, Kevin looks for how language moves in shared, repeated attempts to produce sensuous, alternative knowledges.“`

As the work progresses, Kevin culls language from sessions of ‘conversing with masculinity’ to create urgent, impassioned fictions that will guide him in creating both a publication and interactive, polyvocal lullaby concerts in the dark.