Cleaning Oracles


Cleaning Oracles

Cleaning Oracles is a performative research space, in which one can speculate on oracles and the future telling potential of cleaning.

 “When cleaning, one can foresee the future.”

This hypothesis talks about the meditative aspect of cleaning, repetitive gestures and automatism, which may create a mental space for imagination, thought flow, forecasts and maybe hypnosis. 

How may looking through an act of labour in relation to future speculations form the ways in which we relate to work? 

Through hands at work, reactions between cleaning products, dust and dirt readings, Cleaning Oracles opens a collective environment of try-outs and experimentations. After making a diptych of solo works SOAK and LEAKS, Mary Szydłowska invites collaborators to join questions and practices of Cleaning Oracles as a final embrace of her long term research on practices of cleaning and maintenance.

Together with: Aleksandra Borys, Eimi Leggett and Federico Protto