Chasing Za’atar
Chasing Za'atar from Jordan to Belgium


Chasing Za’atar

Chasing Za’atar (from Jordan to Belgium) is a piece in which Samah collaborates with plants, farmers, people, and herbalists to exchange stories about the herb Oregano (زعتر Za’atar in Arabic) and its culinary and spiritual uses. During her residency in WPZimmer, Samah will be looking more closely into the ideas around daily practices of resistance in relation to food making. In her presentation, she invites people to share food, and ideas on the small gestures of resistance that we and our family or friends do that are related to food making.

This work is part of the larger project titled Kitchen. Table. in which Samah investigated the movement of food practices over time and across geography, as well the body as a site for food memory.

This work is produced by Kunstenwerkplaats, and supported by Beursschowburg, Vooruit, Kaai Theater, A.M. Qattan Foundation (Palestine), WPZimmer and funded by the VG, and VGC.