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From the 6th until the 13th of October Christian Bakalov works in the studio of wpZimmer. With his new creation BRIGHT he takes you on an anonymous journey in the dark, a place where boundaries are undefined. The piece plays with the boundaries of performance and lighting and flirts with near-darkness. BRIGHT, where the dark is a way to sharpen your senses and the phosphorescent delusions/images stimulate your imagination.

Christian Bakalov

1973 BG, BE
After studying at the Ballet School of the Sofia Opera in Bulgaria, Christian Bakalov began his dance career in France. We know him especially as a performer in the work of Ivo Dimchev and Jan Fabre. He has also participated in productions by Robert Wilson, Jérôme Bel, Miet Warlop and Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek. Since 2009 he lives and works in Brussels where he participated in the opening of the independent performance space Volksroom directed by Ivo Dimchev. In 2014 he began developing his first performative installation BRIGHT, in which the public plays the main role. Blurring the boundaries between performative action and installation, Bakalov develops a series of immersive methods to introduce the audience into a parallel universe by addressing them one-on-one through different senses. The trilogy ETERNIA , inspired by Spinoza's concept of Eternity is produced and supported by ArtEast Foundation and workspacebrussels.


Concept, development, sound: Christian BakalovBy & with: Christian Bakalov, Tatyana Petrova, Krassen Krastev, Louis-Clément da Costa, Paul McGeePhotography: Paul McGeeCoproduction: workspacebrussels/Life Long Burning, Kaaitheater (Brussels), Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent), wpZimmer (Antwerp), ArtEast Foundation (Sofia)Supported by: Fabrika 126 (Sofia), Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp)Thanks to: Tatyana Patrova, Sophie & Fabien Dell, Tony Delcampe, Sabina Christova, Boris Deltchev, the team of Les Brigittines (Brussels), Beursschouwburg (Brussels)