Blue is an Agreement


Blue is an Agreement

The title of this research comes from the realisation that it is possible to change the perceived colour of the sky by changing the colour of the frame through which it is seen. This simple but profound experience led Vinny Jones, Léon Spek and Shaly López to question how framing shapes ways of seeing and being in the world. Blue is an Agreement is a scenographic research that explores how perception is organised, through the staging of light and sound in spaces of daily life. Can staging impossible realities help us to imagine other possibilities?

Vinny Jones

Throughout her work, Vinny uses scenography to think through how space is organised, and how it organises us; to try and make sense of social and political mechanisms through the embodied experience of light and space.

Shaly López

Shaly López Is a scenographer working with sound, light and scent as the main media to create detailed site-specific compositions and spatial systems exploring how different states of attention and perception can be framed as performative.

Léon Spek

Leon Spek is a creative technologist and sound artist with a long-standing interest in creating responsive, dynamic / "organic" systems with their own, not preformulated, behaviour often merging or blending with their natural surroundings.