Autonomous Scenography ‘FOURFOLD’


Autonomous Scenography ‘FOURFOLD’

Meryem Bayram’s new project doesn’t follow a fixed story or scenario. It is not a performance, not a theatre or dance piece, not even a ‘spectacle’. As the title suggests, Autonomous Scenography ‘FOURFOULD’ functions as a generator of variable, independent scenography: it is a machine which creates constantly changing images. Within a limited set of formal possibilities – a square that can be folded and worked with – emerges a vast array of varitaions and transformations. Bayram works together with visual artists Guy Rombouts and Pol Matthé.

Meryem Bayram

Graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp as sculptor, Meryem Bayram also studied scenography at the POPOK in Antwerp. She works since 2006 as artistic collaborator for Platform 0090.

In the work of Meryem Bayram the unfolding relation between human behavior and a constructed spatial environment is the central driving force. With wood, cardboard and elastics, she creates installations that trace and reshape the outlines of physical space and in a same gesture, are challenging living bodies to inhabit and transform that space.

By proposing specific encounters between body and material, she shapes and organizes tensions between the visible and invisible, the composed and improvised, proliferating connection points while constantly reinventing new obstacles.


Concept : Meryem BayramObjects and performance: Guy Rombouts and Meryem BayramDramaturgy: Igor DobricicLight design: Pol MatthéSound: AzartTechnician sound and light: Nele VerreyckenVoice coaching: Caroline DaishRecording and mix: Ludo EngelsOutside eye: Mesut ArslanCostumes: Johanna TrudzinskiTechnical realization: Platform Jan Van GoethemProduction: Platform 0090, OnderHetVelCo-production: wpZimmer, Workspace Brussels, Q-O2, Het Bos, Zsenne Art LabIn collaboration with: FiebreWith the support of: de Vlaamse GemeenschapThanks to: Marc Vanrunxt, Clement Layes, Sylvia Van Deurzen, TG STAN, ZVA, Tine Colen, Teun De Lange,, Sabbattini