During his three week long residency at wpZimmer, Pietro Marullo will work on 2 different projects, namely ARIANE (eu)phonie and HIVE – our hydrological need of cosmic lines.

ARIANE (eu)phonie is a symbolic journey that aims to explore the concept of frontier. This concept is seen through the semantic prism of listening, sound, vibration, and ear. Because the sounds cross the bodies without destroying them. Where are we when we are in music? ARIANE is a plastic-acoustic landscape about bas-relief and modern hotspots for refugees.

Premiere: 22 January 2019 in Théâtre Varia (Brussels)

HIVE – our hydrological need of cosmic lines is an interdisciplinary project whose detonator is the famous “Tondo Doni” paint by Michelangelo. In this masterpiece, the representation of the Holy Family is caught in the tender and daily gesture of passing the Child though the arms of the parents. HIVE represents an extension, a new vision of the concept and image of the Holy Family. From the formal and aesthetic composition of the painting starts a path that through the contamination of multiple languages, such as dance and plastic art, sound and theater, will express a new sense of the picture. My generation and the previous need an urgent enlargement of the concept of the holy family, an extension that must cover all species.

Premiere: 29 August 2019 at Festival Oriente Occidente (Italy)