In Aleph/(א), Israeli artist Ana Wild offers the learning of a new language to her audience. Starting with simple and concrete things, word by word she builds an increasingly complex lexicon of sound, movement and layered meaning. Learning a language demands opening oneself to another culture, other histories. Here, Ana Wild speaks Hebrew directly to the audience, supported by a projected English translation. Watching, reading and listening, the audience is actively engaged in the acquisition of embodied language, and all the inherited problematics that come with it. Ana Wild is talking about mother-language, about landscape, weather, body and inheritance. In a poetic and playful manner she leads us through cultural ideas and contagious ideology, treading the line between hopelessness and courage. In Aleph/(א) she presents herself in the guise of a trickster, a young-girl, battling against the Aleph, the giant, with its own weapon: language itself.

Ana Wild

1987 IL
Ana Wild is a performance maker, performer and lighting designer. She is a graduate of DasArts / Master of theatre in Amsterdam (2015) and The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem (2011). She currently lives and works in Brussels. Wild is working in the field of live arts as well as visual arts, researching myth, cultural constructions, learning processes and the preciousness of knowledge. Her latest works include La Traviata and the beginning of the end (2015), Home Mountain (2014), Oh Marco! (2013) and When Shall We Girls Meet Again? (2012). She received a new-talent grant from the Israeli Pais foundation, as well as the Jerusalem fund prize for excellence in the arts. As a co-maker and performer, she participated in numerous projects. She has worked with Julian Hetzel, Ant Hampton, Danae Theodoridou, The Compromises Rock Band, Inbal Yomtovian, Tino Sehgal, Namer Golan, Leila Anderson and others.


Created and performed by: Ana WildIn collaboration with : Leila AndersonScenography: Bastien GachetVideo shooting and photos: Vittoria SodduGraphic design of blue publication : Tal Stadler