Alice Giuliani creates a performative project that explores the subtle tension between private moments, the ones made by dancing, singing and daydreaming as no one was watching, and their agency when exposed to the public.

This place used to be a bundle of sweat and energy, but so many things have changed. Today I am just waiting. This place was supposed to be exactly what you are looking at, but so many things have changed. Feminist dreams and a teenage-chronic illness are the opaque moods of this witnessed private moment. They secretly flow under the rhythm of tired dance moves. They pop up in between melodic & out of tune confessions while A feeling of separation, of being walled up or locked up, is combined with an almost unbearable sense of exposure. A curious look at a lonely fantasy made of disarmament, disease and desire. 

Alice Giuliani

Alice Giuliani (she/her) is an italian crip-spoonie artist based in Brussels.  She is intrigued by the body as a place of fantasy, identity and vulnerability. In the past years she collaborated as a performer for various productions in Europe mainly focusing on vibrant and emotional body languages; pop & opera singing; practices to cultivate crip & spoonie awareness.