A Nublo
© Didier Demor


A Nublo

Between the scenography of an opera and a cloudy valley, between geology and an amusement park, A Nublo is a story with difficult-to-identify characters because they are not people, nor animals, nor monsters, nor gods … but phenomena: atmospheric and geodynamic events, caused by the microclimate and the topography of the theater, by the interaction between theatrical nature and the audience.

This work wants to put the audience in the eye of the hurricane and proposes a strong sensory experience where the viewer constantly swings between being inside and outside the phenomenon, always affecting and being affected.

Edurne Rubio

She is a visual artist based in Brussels. Her practice shifts among different contexts and formats: performances, films and sound projects. Edurne creates situations where tension is built up between what we see and what we hear, between present, memory and imagination. With an anthropological-like work, Edurne uses interviews as her primary method of work, collecting individual stories to build a collective narrative and, in so doing, she questions any linear reading of history, offering a subjective reading in continuous transformation and dependent on affections.

Maria Jerez

Her work travels “between” choreography, cinema and visual arts. Since 2004, she has made pieces that explore the relationship with the spectator as the space in which the modes of representation are put into crisis. From El Caso del Espectador to her last pieces Blob, Yabba or The Stain this relation has mutated from a place of “understanding” of theatrical and cinematographic conventions, that is, from the expertise, to the intentional loss of references where the artist, the piece and the spectator behave towards each other as strangers.


Concept and creation: Edurne Rubio and Maria JerezCo-produced by: Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid), Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels) and Be Festival (Birmingham)With the support of: wpZimmer (Antwerp), Grand Theater (Grondingen) and Madrid City Council