Landing on Feathers – Rehearsing the Not Yet
video still by Eori Wakakuwa


Landing on Feathers – Rehearsing the Not Yet

Landing on Feathers – Rehearsing the Not Yet is a first collaboration, born from the reflection on relating to the Other and ways of care and proximity. After the short documentary film Landing on Feathers which was created with a team of committed artists and caretakers in 2021 (presented at Nederlandse Dansdagen, Dance New Air, Tokyo and deSingel, Antwerp), there was the desire to continue and extend the project. Initiated by Jija Sohn in collaboration with Julia Reist and Aleksandra Lemm, they explore physical and conceptual approaches, looking deeper into the notions of inclusivity, fluidity and compassion within relationships to oneself and community. The question that fuels the project is, how artistic initiatives can transmute the way of relating, and serve as tools within a daily practice and our understanding of a wider scope of care paradigms.

In the course of the project they invite different collaborators to break open the singular perspective, creating this wide range of experiences and knowledge. In this the collaborators are looking collectively at staging as a form of empowerment and storytelling to bridge the diverse everyday realities and the playful approaches performance can give. A navigating thread through the project is to create a collective space, where they bring the different reflections, experiences and ideas from the intimate inside to the expanded “outside”. These moments form an intersection and cross-over of different types of research and expertise from experience as well as addressing an artistic appropriation and reverberations of these materials they propose. They consider this space as a parallel, playful field in which they not only examine but also reinforce a poetical side and lightness of the project.

Jija Sohn

Jija Sohn is a Japanese- Korean artist based in Amsterdam. Before entering the Performing Arts field she had obtained a master in Applied Linguistics. For over three years now she dedicates her work and practice to exploring human connections and relations which recently resulted in three community
based projects - Lands of Concert, Phantom Travels, and Landing on Feathers.

Aleksandra Lemm

Aleksandra Lemm is an Amsterdam-based performance artist and therapist. In 2015 Aleksandra graduated from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. In her artistic work she has been developing practices that question the notion of authority, control, and power in relation to performers body and its surroundings.

Julia Reist

Julia Reist holds a master in Artistic Research and a master in Art and Design in Social-Political Context. Since 2011, she has been working as a freelance researcher, dramaturg and art producer on a range of (inter)national projects. In close dialogue with others, Julia is interested in looking at and working through collaborative practices as a way to unlearn and rethink current value-systems and non-inclusive structures.