Ring (2016)

Naomi Kerkhove creates performances and visual work on the fine line between film, comic strip, textile design and performance. For Ring she builds an enormous wooden embroidery ring. Children and youngsters from 8 to 12 years collaborate with needle and thread in order to make a work of art together with Naomi. What will be the result, is a mystery to everybody. While sewing, a stop motion movie is made, which makes the work even stronger. Something very ordinary becomes something very special. Skillfulness is not required. What matters is the eagerness to collaborate!

Ring was a one-time project during the Stormopkomst festival at De Warande (Turnhout) in March 2016.

  • © Sacha Jennis
  • © Sacha Jennis
  • © Sacha Jennis
  • © Sacha Jennis

Past Dates

March 2016

De Warande/Stormopkomst (Turnhout)
De Warande/Stormopkomst (Turnhout)


Concept: Naomi KerkhoveProgramming: Wim RooseDesign: Sarah Geirnaert, Naomi KerkhoveTechnical coordination: Peter De GoyProduction: wpZimmerThanks to: Stormopkomst


Duration: 60 min.
Language: Dutch or English
Age: 8 >12 jaar