Movement on Movement (2013)

In his new lecture performance Noé Soulier investigates how movement, instead of referring to an external thing, can be about itself. Soulier physically reproduces sequences from the Improvisation Technologies by William Forsythe in which Forsythe demonstrates his method of generating movements; he makes movements that comment on other movements by underlining specific elements. These movements are not Forsythe’s choreography, they are what happens when he explains his approach to movement. By using them as dance material, Soulier gives them another status: what happens when an explanation of the material becomes the material itself? The movements and the discourse create a counterpoint, sometimes almost in unison, sometimes more dissonant, on the relationships between intention, action and meaning

A work in progress will be presented in the end of august during the exhibition Empreintes et Passages à l’acte in Marseille. In november 2013 Movements on movements will première during the Festival d’Automne in Paris (FR).