La Magnificenza (2006)

The choreography gives the viewer the space to look uninhibitedly at what the moment itself has to offer. Guilloteau searches for a language of dance that is strange and incomprehensible, and free of all meaning, but that brings the other essential qualities of movement to the fore: rhythm, nuance, musicality, colour … La Magnificenza is a duet, a rhapsody, a collage, a succession of forces and momentums. Two men take the stage, but rarely together. Three men, in fact, as light designer Hans Meijer also takes part in the performance. Light, stage and props are gradually dismantled and transformed, laying bare the engineering behind the stage piece to show the mediating role of scenography.

Past Dates

March 2007

BUDA (Kortrijk)

October 2006

ccBE (Berchem)
ccBE (Berchem)


Choreography: Etienne GuilloteauDance: Etienne Guilloteau, Vincent DunoyerLights: Hans MeijerMusic: John Cage and Eric SatieProduction: wpZimmerCo-production: Netwerkplaats Zimmer, cc Berchem, kunstencentrum Vooruit, kunstencentrum BUDA